Committed to Quality

At Prestige Foods we are serious about food safety. All products are produced in accordance with the best hygiene practices and standards for the food industry. We are committed to continuous investment in our production processes, equipment and staff training to ensure we deliver to our customers’ expectations. Since 2008 we have a grade A BRC certification and are fully approved and regulated by the Department of Food & Agriculture

At Prestige Foods we are committed to producing high quality products without compromising on quality. All ingredients are sourced from our approved supplier list.Prestige Foods - certified Grade A BRC

The Best of Irish & International ingredients

At Prestige Foods we source first-class raw materials, both from Irish and international suppliers. We are proud to use no artificial flavours or preservatives in our products and prepare our tried and tested recipes according to best practice standards in the industry. Prestige Foods have implemented strict quality management procedures so that we meet or exceed the strictest standards and deliver consistent quality products to our customers.

The quality we deliver is based on:

  • Working with the best people
  • Choosing the best ingredients
  • Investing in the latest technology
  • Working with the best suppliers
  • Fostering innovative ideas
  • Forging long-term relationships

Food Research, Development and Innovation

Evolving Tastes

Our company’s strength is based on working closely with our customers, developing competitive products that are taken from concept to shelf. Consumer tastes continuously evolve due to changing attitudes, lifestyles and demographics. At Prestige Foods we are dedicated to developing products that meet and exceed current and future consumer tastes. Food research, development and innovation is an important and on-going process within Prestige Foods.

Food Research, Development and Innovation

We are food innovators supported by an in-house R&D team offering customised product and packaging solutions tailored to meet customers’ diverse eating patterns and evolving taste preferences. Our food technologists work with all our suppliers and customers to offer cost effective, convenient food product solutions that taste simply great. By working with our R&D team, we can help you meet your customers’ demands and in turn grow your business.


The nutritional and allergen information of our foodservice products are available on Erudas. Click on logo to download link for the Erudas badges.